Team Match Report For Division I & II for January 2013

SSC Team II Vs Bluecoats Sports Horsham III  –    10th January 2013

Revenge for Storrington II 

After the 5/0 defeat at Bluecoats in November the team came away muttering about the excessive heat and that they always felt the same…………. in truth we should have adapted and it was just a case of being bad losers! However when Bluecoats were scheduled to play at Storrington in January hopefully it would be really cold and furthermore we would leave the doors open all day and get our own back. Well we weren’t that unsporting but it was a cool night and they didn’t settle.

Storrington got off to a good start when Bluecoats arrived a man short. 1/0 to Storrington.

First up was Paul Rolland who for once really concentrated right from the  start of his match and never let his opponent into the game. He won 3/1 quite quickly.

On the other court Simon Corby got off to flyer winning the first 9/0 but then his opponent got to grips and took the next 10/9. The next was 10/9 to Simon who then tightened up his game even more to win the next 9/0 and the match 3/1.

Michael Standring as expected, took full advantage of the cold courts, the ball rarely reaching the back wall and his opponent so used to a  prolonged fast game never settled and Michael took the match is a short time 3/0.

The match of the night was a tremendous tussle between Alan Holbrook and Graham Johnston who had beaten Storrington’s number one Ryan Buck at Horsham. At the start it appeared that Graham would take the match quite comfortably but to everybody’s amazement Alan put up a fantastic fight and eventually triumphed 9/7 in the 5th game.

So a 5/0 win for Storrington II’s. What a night!